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Title: Can I take it?
For safety and security reasons, dangerous goods such as the following may not be packed in excess baggage bags or packages.

• compressed gasses (Flammable, Non-flammable or poisonous)
Such as butane, Propane, Aqualung cylinders, Lighter fuels or refills Aerosols
• Flammable Liquids such as paints, thinners and adhesives
• Flammable solids such as Matches and articles that are easily ignited
• Oxidising substances such as bleaching powders and peroxides
• Radio active material
• Corrosive material such as Mercury, Acids and wet cell batteries
• Explosives such as Fireworks, Flares and sparklers
• Industrial products such as solvents containing chemicals which can cause Fumes and corrosion.

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